These one-deck Blackjack games are found at casinos running on Cryptologic software.

Single Deck Blackjack

‘Single Deck Blackjack’ has the best house edge of the Cryptologic blackjack games at just 0.07%

Game rules

  • One 52-card deck is used.
  • The deck is re-shuffled after each hand.
  • Dealer draws to soft 17’s and stands on hard 17’s.
  • Doubling after splitting allowed.
  • No re-splitting of cards allowed.
  • No surrender.
  • Only one additional card allowed on each Ace when splitting a pair of Aces

 Single Deck VIP Blackjack

Single Deck VIP has slightly less favourable rules, giving a house edge of 0.21%. But higher stakes are allowed so if you’re a higher roller you might prefer this one. Minimum stake is $25 per hand.

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