Super Fun 21 is a Blackjack game found in casinos running on Microgaming software.

The house edge on this is just 0.94%.

    • Single deck
    • A player’s blackjack always beats the dealer’s blackjack.
    • Wins, including blackjacks, pay even money – except on Bonuses (see below).
    • Bonus payouts: not available after Doubling Down.
    • If you get a diamond blackjack you win at 2/1

  • If you score 20 or less with 6 cards you always win
  • If you score 21 with 5 or 6 cards you win 2/1
  • “Late Surrender” option is allowed, and you can surrender after you have Doubled Down.
  • Dealer stands on soft 17
  • You can split an unlike pair of cards that have a value of 10
  • You can Split a maximum 3 times, which will give you 4 hands
  • You can re-split Aces and you can draw to each.
  • Doubling Down is allowed after receipt of your initial two cards.
  • You are allowed to Double Down after you have Split

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