This exciting Blackjack variation has a double-or-nothing bonus side bet. 

Top Hat 21 Blackjack is found at casinos running on Wager Works software.

This is more like a video game than proper table Blackjack, but it’s got the lowest house edge of the Wager Works’ Blackjack games plus a double-or-nothing bonus feature.

The House Edge on this game, apart from the side bet feature, is about 0.24%.

Game rules

  • Uses a single deck, shuffled for each hand of play.
  • Dealer must stand on a 17 or soft 17, or 6 cards.
  • Double down only possible on two card 10 or 11.
  • Any pair may be split into two hands.
  • Only 1 split allowed (no resplitting).
  • Player may double-down on either / both hands of a split.
  • If Aces split, each Ace receives only one card.
  • Six-Card Charlie pays the same as a Blackjack.

Double Up Bonus

When you win in the main game, you may take your win or play Double Up.

In Double Up, the dealer’s card spins, and you choose either “High” or “Low”. If you’ve chosen correctly, you win 2:1.

You may continue to Double Up until you click “Take Win”, lose the wager, or reach the maximum number of Double Ups, which is 5.

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