Vegas Technology casinos have 3 Blackjack games; European, Progressive and Vegas Strip.These are one of the few software brands to have continued allowing US players from all states.

Vegas Technology were formerly known as Odds On. The name was changed after some major upgrades to their casino software. Some of our favourite casinos are amongst their licensees.

Software format: download only.

Vegas Technology Blackjack game choices:

Vegas Strip Blackjack

  • House edge is 0.21%
  • 6 decks are used.
  • Dealer’s hand has one card face up, one card down.
  • The dealer always checks for blackjack.
  • Dealer stands on soft 17
  • Double on any first 2 cards.
  • Double after a split.
  • Resplit twice except for aces. You can only split aces once

European Blackjack

  • House edge is 0.32%
  • 4 decks are used
  • Dealer must stand on 17.
  • Double is allowed only on a 9, 10 or 11.
  • You can double after splitting.
  • You can only split once.
  • You can draw on split Aces

Progressive Blackjack

This is the same as the European Blackjack game except that it features a $1 Progressive side bet.

Where to Play Vegas Technology Blackjack Games:

Please note that the casinos change over time, and it is possible some of these may no longer be operating.

For more about any of these sites, check out our page.