If a player makes 21 (not blackjack) does he always win?

kidgr00ve asked:
if you are dealt 6-7 and you hit an 8 for 21, do you automatically win? or can the dealer still hit to 21 for a PUSH?
let me be more specific because i dont think this person understood.

I am dealt 6-7, and i Hit, i get an 8, so i have 21 now. i STAY. now the dealer shows 10-2 and he hits and gets 9, making 21 as well.

in this situation, do i automatically win when i hit 21? or does the dealer get a chance to PUSH me?


If a player has a hand of 21 (not blackjack) and the dealer also has a hand of 21, then the hand is considered a push or a tie, regardless of how the player achieved the 21. So in the scenario described, where the player has a hand of 6-7 and hits an 8 for a total of 21, and the dealer also has a hand of 21, the result would be a push.

It’s worth noting that if the player has blackjack (an Ace and a 10-value card) and the dealer has a hand of 21, the player still wins. This is because blackjack is considered a higher-ranking hand than a regular 21.