This is a European style Blackjack game with a Three Card Poker side bet

21+3 Blackjack is found at casinos running on Wager Works software.

Game Rules

The main game has the same rules as Wager Works’ European Blackjack:

  • 6 decks of standard playing cards are used, shuffled for each hand of play.
  • Dealer stands on all 17’s.
  • Resplit each split hand once.
  • No special restriction on split Aces. You may treat split Aces just like any other split card.
  • Double down is possible on any two cards.
  • You may also double down on the first two cards of any split or resplit hands.
  • Blackjack only possible on first two cards on each hand (and not on split or resplit cards).
  • Player may draw a maximum of eight cards for any hand. An eight-card hand beats all Dealer outcomes except for Blackjack.

The house edge is about 0.28%

Three Card Poker optional side bet

The side bet pays based on your first two cards combined with the Dealer’s up card.

If these three cards give 3-of-a-kind, a flush or a straight you win. The payment increases depending on the hand’s rank.

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